Socks Challenge

Join the Sock Challenge
that celebrates human uniqueness.

What is the Sock Challenge?

#SockChallenge is held every year on 21 March and is associated with World Down Syndrome Day. On this day, two different socks are worn to celebrate human uniqueness.

The aim of the challenge is to spread awareness about people with Down syndrome. Their acceptance by society, the chance for regular education, or the opportunity to work is still not a matter of course. It is thanks to sharing information and a positive example from personal experience that each of us can break down prejudices, help others become equal members of society, and realise their dreams – to live a full life.

How can I join?

All you have to do is put on two mismatched socks on 21 March, take a photo, and share it on your social media with the hashtag #SockChallenge.

In this way we can spread understanding and respect for diversity together.

Join the Sock Challenge and let the world know what inclusion means to you!

#InclusionMeans #SockChallenge #WorldDownSyndromeDay

What does INCLUSION mean

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) calls for full and effective participation and inclusion of DS people in society. However, people with Down syndrome still face a number of obstacles and prejudices.

Inclusive education supports the diversity of students who learn to be more tolerant of each other. It helps break down prejudices and barriers and allows people with disabilities, including those with Down syndrome, to make lifelong friendships.

Video contains subtitles in 4 languages.
Video contains subtitles in 4 languages.

Sports are the best way to promote inclusion, as they help us perceive the uniqueness of each of us. Many talented and successful athletes with Down Syndrome prove that their disability does not have to be an obstacle to success.

Inclusive employment

People with Down Syndrome would also like to work, but they don’t always get that opportunity – and that’s a mistake! Everyone should be given the opportunity to work, even if only for a few hours. The performance of a worker with a disability is unlikely to be at the level of other employees, and the employers have to reckon with that. However, people with Down syndrome are some of the most sincere and loyal employees, and their positive impact on the team is much more valuable.

Video contains subtitles in 4 languages.

Why socks?

Different socks have become a symbol of World Down Syndrome Day because the chromosome is shaped like a sock.

The date of 21 March is also symbolic because people with Down syndrome have an extra chromosome number 21. They have three instead of two. This genetic disorder is therefore also called Trisomy 21.

Although they have something extra, they do not brag about it!

You can also help people with Down syndrome by buying socks.

Dedoles supports Down Syndrome International and the European Down Syndrome Association.

Due to the situation in Ukraine, we also decided to support the Ukrainian Down Syndrome Organization.

You can also support here

What would happen if people with Down syndrome ruled the world?

– Affection, hugs, and caring for others would become quite the order of the day.

– We would learn to enjoy the little things and love life unconditionally.

– People would be sincere.

– Everything would be neat and organized.

– Trains and planes would run on time, working hours would be for work, and holidays would be holidays.

– People who talk to themselves would be considered thoughtful and creative.